Top Reasons To Compare Auto Insurance Quotes

auto-driveEvery state has laws in place requiring drivers to carry a certain amount of car insurance on their vehicles. If you want to be in compliance with these laws, you need to find and purchase insurance for your vehicle. The best way to accomplish this is by getting quotes from several different companies to find out which one has the lowest rate. Here are just a few of the reasons to compare auto insurance quotes rather than buying from the first company you find: Continue reading…

Good Boat Storage Facilities Are Needed For The Winter

secure-boat-storageIf you live in a climate where it is warm in the spring, summer and fall, but really cold in the winter, you will undoubtedly need a good boat storage facility, if you have a boat.

Many marinas have storage facilities where the boat can be lifted out of the water and kept high and dry, which is the preferred position for your boat to be. Keeping it out of the water keeps it in better shape from being in the water. If the water freezes, it can place undue stress on the hull of the boat, as well as having an adverse effect on the paint.

However, storage at the marina can be excessively expensive. Another option is to bring the boat and its trailer home, and store it in your garage. This will keep it out of the weather, but it leaves your car exposed to the elements. If you have a spare bay in your garage, or a separate boat garage, you are in good shape.
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